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Who wants to be the next Jackie Chan?

After 56 years in the film industry, martial arts expert and actor Jackie Chan received a lifetime achievement Oscar in Nov 2016. As the first Chinese actor in history to receive the award, his success has come because of his passion for wushu.



Wushu, which means “war arts” in Chinese, is the term for all Chinese martial arts. The history of Chinese martial arts can be traced back to the 6th century A.D., though its actual origins are a matter of debate. Over the course of a few thousand years, over 1500 styles were created based on observations of animals and nature.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of actors such as Jackie Chan, wushu has become a new sports industry with the increasing influence worldwide. Many countries have national teams and participate in international competitions. There is even a bid to include wushu as an event in the Summer Olympics. It is fairly to say that it`s the very right time to learn martial arts.

To offer the best in martial arts training, physically and mentally, Dallas International Martial Arts Academy is established to provide a place where people can learn Martial Arts and enjoy the experience while making the commitment to learn and improve one’s self esteem, concentration, discipline and self-control.




Head of the school

Zhendong Wang: an experienced professional martial artist, national and international Kungfu competition winner and judge, on-stage performer, film & stage martial arts choreographer, and teacher


  • Aug 2008 Beijing Youth Martial Arts Tournament

    The First Place in Swords Event, Male Category

  • Oct 2008 Beijing High School Students Martial Arts Tournament

    The First Place in Longfist Event, Male Category

  • May 2011 The Fist Session of International Martial Arts Invitation Tournament in Barnaul, Russia

    The First Place in Optional Sword Event

    The First Place in Drunken Fist Event






As a branch of the Beijing Shaolin Wushu School, Dallas International Martial Arts Academy provides services to improve fitness and the capacity for self-defense. It offers group and individual classes in the art of Kungfu and physical training. When students join, they will not only be improving their fitness and learning to defend themselves, they are embarking on a path to improve many important aspects of their lives. And the truly wonderful thing is they get to have fun while doing it!




Age Group Program

Dallas International Martial Arts Academy specializes in teaching ages 4-35.

  • Youth Group (4-8)

    Martial arts training develop children’s intuition, establish a good exercise habits, and effectively train body’s sensory functions.

  • Teen Group (9-17)

    For teens, the systematic training and learning of martial arts basics can effectively improve the brain’s thought process and body reflex.

  • Adults (18-35)

    Adults who practice martial arts can improve cardiopulmonary function, endurance, body flexibility, and coordination.



Skill Level Program

  • Wushu basics

    Practices martial arts with emphasis on physical activity, technical skills, and psychological training.

  • Beginners Class

    Enhancement of body control and progression in mid-level martial arts routines.

  • Wushu Techniques

    The advanced teaching techniques cover martial arts exercise and weapons training.



Dallas International Martial Arts Academy

Tel: (469)931-9110 | (469) 655-0664

Add.:915 W Parker Rd. Unit 311, Plano, TX 75023


*Information provided by Dallas International Martical Arts Company.

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