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Hey foodies! On Sep 25th, the first ever Asian Restaurant Week in DFW area WILL KICK OFF! Now, it’s time for you to dig into all the details of this fun and exciting event!






How to participate?


Step 1: GET a FREE Foodie Treasure Map.
Participate or not, you can collect the #DFWARW Foodie Treasure Map at any of these 17 participating restaurants, or at UT Dallas (Students Activity Center).


*UPDATE: Starting on Sep 23rd, you can get a Foodie Treasure Map at any of the 17 participating restaurants, listed on the event poster, for FREE! OR Pick it up at UT Dallas (Students Activity Center, Sep 22nd 10:30am-3:30pm ONLY).




Step 2: ENJOY mouthwatering Asian foods and desserts.
During the three-week #DFWARW, each participating restaurant will offer a special pre fixe menu with choices range from $5 to $35.


Sichuan King

Royal Sichuan

Fish House

Sichuan King DFWARW Menu Royal Sichuan DFWARW Menu Fish House DFWARW Menu

Taipei Station

Squares Hot Pot

Boiled Skewer

Taipei Station DFWARW Menu Squares Hot Pot DFWARW Menu Boiled Skewer DFWARW Menu

Bei Wei

Northtown Chinese Kitchen

Yatai Ramen

Bei Wei DFWARW Menu Northtown Chinese Kitchen DFWARW Menu Yatai Ramen DFWARW Menu

Ikigai Udon

Chasu Kitchen

Kirin Court

Ikigai Udon DFWARW Menu Chasu Kitchen DFWARW Menu Kirin Court DFWARW Menu

Jeng Chi Restaurant and Bakery

Big Claw

Sucre Cafe

Jeng Chi DFWARW Menu Big Claw DFWARW Menu Sucre Cafe DFWARW Menu

Oolong Tea & Desserts

Champion Gourmet

Oolong Tea DFWARW Menu Champion Gourmet DFWARW Menu


Step 3: COLLECT the foodie stamps after your check-ins.

After each meal, don’t forget to ask a server or cashier at the counter to stamp your map. We designed a series of unique stamps based on the participating restaurants’ specialties. See the “Before and After” pics below to get an idea on how the stamps work!




DFWARW-foodiemap DFWARW-foodiemap DFWARW-foodiemap


How to win giveaways?






There’s a chance to win giveaways every week. Whenever you reach the goal of each week, follow the instruction to enter the pool. Make sure you follow @theasiantasty on Instagram!


Step 1 Take a photo of your map.
Take a photo of your map when you reach the goal of the week.


Step 2 Show us your progress!
Post your progress photo on Instagram. Tag @theasiantasty and use the hashtag #DFWARW1, #DFWARW2, #DFWARW3 for each week. That’s it, you’re in!


Step 3 Wait for that lucky moment while collecting more stamps.
We will announce the winner(s) on following monday of each week on Instagram. Visit @theasiantasty on Instagram to check if you are the lucky one!


*The lottery pool contains participants from multiple social media platforms in different languages.