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Get Your Skin Glowing From Inside Out

Most of us, at least among the Asian consumers, have a desire for even, lighter-toned skin, but we also want to glow from the inside out. Well, the secret is all within this article. Here are some tips to quickly reach the ideal skin you have always wanted.



“According to Dr. Susan Stuart, a board-certified dermatologist in San Diego, eating lots of fruits and vegetables that are yellow or orange in color can give you a natural tan” (Oliver, 2013). For the opposite effect, avoid eating a surplus of fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotenes – for example, carrots. To lighten your skin tone naturally, foods rich in sulfur, Vitamin C, glutathione, and Vitamin E are what you want to add to your grocery list.


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Keep your skin moisturized

You also don’t want to waste a drop of your essences or serums, this will help skin absorb your skin care products that much better.


Exfoliating once a week

It is important to make sure you exfoliate with a scrub once every one or two weeks to remove dead skin cells from your face and neck. This step will really bring your skin back to its glory days. Also, like moisturizing, it helps your skin better absorb products.


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Applying enough SPF during the day

Except for skin care, you need to prevent the effects that sunlight might bring to the skin, like dark spots and redness. If you wear makeup, make sure you choose foundations with SPF. If not, be sure to apply sunscreen. We all know that it takes time to actually see an obvious difference. But if you could see your skin become youthful and luminous in four weeks, would you like to give it a try? I would definitely!


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NOW comes the secret recipe! The Asian Media invited our beauty expert readers to try the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion from La Prairie – a new brightening serum from the brand – and all we have to say is WOW!

It is a new product from La Prairie’s White Caviar line, targeting age spots, redness, and greyness – the three-chromatic light-barriers to a luminous complexion with the exclusive formula of this serum. And we have to say, this product will be an all-time best seller for years to come!

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has considered Pearl as the essential ingredient for bright and healthy skin. Given this common belief in China, and possibly in all of Asia, we were excited and curious to see how La Prairie has worked the science of golden caviar pearl’s into its latest innovation.




The White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion has a super fresh smell, similar to the aroma from a bouquet of flowers, and as clean as the fresh air after a morning rain shower.




This serum has a non-sticky texture, and is very easy to apply. The skin absorbs it well and quickly. We like to imagine that our skin cells are having a nutritious feast!




Right after the application your skin will have a subtle glow and moisturized feeling. After sampling the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion – the brightening serum from La Prairie, the review is unanimous among all of us: it works! Though we know that it takes time to see obvious differences in skin quality, the science behind this product is cutting-edge and results are already beginning to be seen. We strongly believe that after consistently applying the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, we are well on our way to healthy, glowing skin from inside out.



Where to purchase?

Neiman Marcus Willow Bend

  • Address: 2201 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX
  • Hours:Mon-Fri 10am-9pm/ Sat 10am-8pm/ Sun12pm-6pm
  • Phone:+1 972-629-1700 ext. 1312



Link to La Prairie store locator to find the nearest counter:





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